Wall‑Mounted Infection Control Unit

  • Fully Bespoke
  • Made in Britain
  • Branded

Ideal for Locating in Corridors, Assessment Rooms and Private Wards Where Space Is Limited

The wall-mounted SaniStation® is designed for site entrances and access points. The highly visual unit helps to protect site visitors, staff and patients, by providing easy and secure access to essential sanitisation materials and PPE.

The wall-mounted unit facilitates site management best practice and saves staff time by reducing the need to monitor site entrances.

As with most products in the SaniStation® range, this wall-mounted unit can be branded to suit your healthcare organisation’s corporate identity.

  • Available in three sizes:
    — MINI (mm): 600w x 800h
    — MIDI (mm): 600w x 1200h
    — MAXI (mm): 600w x 1700h
  • Easy-clean back panel
  • Highly visible, bespoke print
  • Accessorise to your requirements

Some Kind Words

We Manufacture Every Sanistation® Wall‑Mounted Unit to Our Customers’ Requirements

We’ve helped customers design multiple versions of their Wall-Mounted SaniStations for specific uses across their hospitals. For example; masks and hand gel accessories for entrance units and visor troughs, wipes dispensers and bottle holders for ward units.

If you can’t see an accessory that would fulfil your requirement please let us know and we can work to design something bespoke for you.

  1. Select Dimensions

    Select Dimensions

    Start by determining if you need a Maxi, Midi or Mini back panel.

  2. Design Messaging

    Design Messaging

    Add your branding or IPC messaging to the easy-clean back panel.

  3. Choose Accessories

    Choose Accessories

    Select from our comprehensive range of proven accessories to configure a SaniStation unit suitable for your needs.

Product(s) Code
Wall Mounted MINI SaniMINI600x800
Wall Mounted MIDI SaniMIDI600x1200
Wall Mounted MAXI SaniMAXI600x1700

Customised to Your Specific Needs. Choose the Accessories You Require

  • Face Mask Dispenser Face Mask Dispenser
  • Face Mask Dispenser — with Vision Panel Face Mask Dispenser — with Vision Panel
  • Compact Face Mask Dispenser Compact Face Mask Dispenser
  • Wipes Holder Wipes Holder
  • Drinks Bottle Holder Drinks Bottle Holder
  • Visor Trough Visor Trough
  • Thermometer Holder Thermometer Holder
  • Gloves Dispenser Gloves Dispenser
  • Apron Dispenser Apron Dispenser
  • Gown Holder Gown Holder
  • Standard Shelf Standard Shelf
  • A4 Clip Frame A4 Clip Frame
  • Manual Gel Dispenser (800ml) Manual Dispenser Drip Tray Manual Gel Dispenser (800ml) Manual Dispenser Drip Tray
Product(s) Code
Face Mask Dispenser SaniFMD1
Face Mask Dispenser — with Vision Panel SaniFMD1vp
Compact Face Mask Dispenser SaniFMD2
Visor Trough SaniVisorTrough
Thermometer Holder SaniThermoHolder
Wipes Holder SaniWipesHolder
Gloves Dispenser SaniGlovesDispenser
Drinks Bottle Holder SaniBottleHolder
Apron Dispenser SaniApronDispenser
Gown Holder Gown Holder
Drawer Unit SaniDrawer
Manual Gel Dispenser* ManualDispenser
Manual Dispenser Drip Tray ManualDispenserDripTray
Shelf Standard SaniShelf
A4 Clip Frame A4ClipFrame

* We regularly fit our clients’ own Gel Dispensers - speak to one of our team to arrange.

Speak to Us About Your Requirements – We’ll Call, Visit and Design a Bespoke Solution

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