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SaniStation® - working with your NHS Trust

Helping you understand the importance of visible and effective infection control units for visitors, employees and patients

Practical infection control should start at every entrance to your Trust. But an effective strategy begins by understanding what equipment your Trust needs to enable and encourage a strict hygiene regime. The SaniStation® team can work closely with your Trust and all stakeholders, to identify the specific requirements throughout your organisation, from entrances and access points to ward and care areas.

Whether it’s free-standing SaniStations® for site visitors or bespoke specialist infection control units for staff, we ensure our hygiene and PPE stations are effective, highly visible and strategically located; making it easy and reassuring for employees, visitors and patients.

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Arrange a FREE SaniStation® Product Trial for your NHS Trust

As part of our consultation process SaniStation® offers FREE products trials for all NHS Trusts in the UK. To arrange your trial please register your Trust details below, or call our team direct on: 0345 835 8105.