SaniSink Hand Wash Unit


warm water facilities anywhere

Unique to the SaniStation range, the SaniSink is designed to provide a relocatable warm water hand wash unit that only requires a normal 240V 3-pin plug power supply and a water supply. Simply place in position, plug in and its ready to use. Providing up to 10litres of hot water storage (temperature limited as required via digital read-out on storage tank) and available with or without a backboard to hold hand-soap/towel dispensers, this unit provides all you need to provide warm water facilities anywhere.

Designed to be used indoors (connected to a drainage point) or outdoors (connected to drainage or to external gully etc), the unit has a sturdy storage unit with a lockable door, to keep all the circuitry and plumbing components safe and secure.

Available as Sink Only, or with Backboard. Backboard version does NOT include the dispensers shown.