NHS Compliant Mobile SaniStation - Heavy Duty

Developed in conjunction with a number of healthcare trusts across the UK.
Unique mask dispensernow available on all SaniStations.
The newly launched mask dispenser has a 200+ mask capacity, and ensures all masks are covered to avoid cross-contamination.
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Secure Mask Dispensers  |  Non-touch Sanitisation  |  Convenient PPE Disposal

Our latest NHS compliant, heavy duty mobile SaniStation is designed specifically for NHS wards and outpatients Areas

Developed in conjunction with a number of healthcare trusts across the UK, the newest version of the SaniStation HD is now being launched to the healthcare market, to meet the increasing need for the provision of sanitisation & PPE equipment at building access points, reception waiting areas and other areas of high footfall.

The SaniStation HD can be tailored to suit the exact requirements of your trust.  For some hospitals, a simple hand gel dispenser location that is highly visible and contains key messaging for site users is all that is required – other trusts have requested SaniStations to be supplied with bespoke mask dispensers, PPE shelves, bins, apron shelves etc.  Whatever your requirements, the SaniStation Mobile HD is highly configurable to suit every situation.

† Sanitisation fluid dispensers NOT included with SaniStations. These must be purchased separately.

Benefits of SaniStation HD Mobile
The SaniStation HD Mobile with mask dispenser provides up to 250 masks per dispenser at high footfall points. This reduces the need for multiple dispenser top-ups during the day, plus:

Protects from contamination

Ensure that bulk stocks of masks are protected from contamination by storing them in our heavy duty dispenser – keep masks clean and reduce risk of product theft.


Provides aPPE disposal point

Incorporate your own sanitiser dispensers into the design, or select from our range of automatic sanitiser units – providing touch-free sanitisation at key points.


Can utiliseyour own dispensers

Provide PPE disposal point using our foot-operated 87ltr plastic bin which is securely fixed to the SaniStation.  Touch-free operation to reduce risk of cross-contamination.


Unit can berelocated quickly

Enable staff to relocate the unit quickly and easily by choosing the mobile SaniStation – fitted with grey hospital castors designed for use in healthcare environments.  Castors are braked to ensure the unit is stable in use.

Key Features

Pedal operated bin reducescross-contamination

Robust hospital-typeswivel braked castors

Sanistation shelf

Optional PPE shelffor sanitisation products

Sanistation branding

SaniStation entirelybranded to your own trust

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