SaniStation and NHS Grampian Tackling Period Poverty

September 27, 2021

SaniStation and NHS Grampian Tackling Period Poverty

In November 2020, Scotland became the first country in the world to make period products free in the first step towards ending Period Poverty. Under the new rules, period products such as tampons and pads must be provided free of charge in all schools, universities, colleges and public buildings.

This has led to a need for a new way to provide these products in a safe, effective and dignified manner. NHS Grampian and SaniStation have been working together to create this solution.

What is Period Poverty?

Period Poverty is the end result of a lack of access to menstruation products due to financial constraints, or an inability to access them. This can have a devastating effect on the women and girls who are forced to suffer their monthly periods without these products. It is a global problem with far reaching implications.

It is also a problem that begins at a startlingly young age. Research suggests that 1 in 10 girls in Scotland have struggled to access period products when needed, and over 137,000 have missed time from school because they are unable to afford the products that would allow them to attend.

What Do the New Rules Say?

In Scotland, period products have been provided free of charge in schools, universities and colleges due to successful campaigning spearheaded by MSP Monica Lennon. In 2020, the Scottish Parliament voted unanimously to pass the Period Poverty Bill which now regulates and expands on this.

It is now enshrined in law that all public buildings in Scotland must provide tampons and sanitary pads for anyone who needs them free of charge. This includes hospitals and other healthcare providers, meaning there is now an immediate need for a way to dispense these products safely and efficiently.

The New Period Products Dispenser

In 2021, SaniStation was approached by NHS Grampian with the simple brief of creating a new period products dispenser, that complies with their existing infection control obligations. It was important that the product should be easy to use, refill and clean, as well as being practical to install.

The end result is the SaniStation Period Products Dispenser. Made from robust and easily cleaned metal, it dispenses tampons and sanitary pads to anyone who needs them one at a time.

With a high capacity, and gravity fed design, the dispenser needs minimal maintenance – an important factor for hospitals.

The Period Products Dispenser can be fully branded with the logos and messaging for each individual location where necessary. It is a high-quality solution to an important issue.

Perhaps most importantly, the dispenser is fully compliant with all existing IPC Protocols. This means it can be safely installed in hospitals and other healthcare buildings without falling foul of the current guidelines and best practices for infection control.

Learn more about our Period Products Dispensers, or contact us to speak to an expert.

The Next Steps Towards Ending Period Poverty

While Scotland’s new rules are leading the way in ending Period Poverty, it is clear that there is a long way to go before the problem is solved. At SaniStation, we are proud to be working with NHS Grampian to help provide period products to the women and girls who need them.

But it’s clear that more needs to be done. And that’s why we’re keen to speak to hospitals and healthcare providers across the UK, as well as schools, universities, colleges and businesses, about how the Period Products Dispenser could work on your site.

To learn more about your requirements and how we can help, you can call 0345 835 8105 to speak to an expert today.

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