Mixed‑Messages Are Dangerous – How Are You Communicating About Mask Wearing?

July 28, 2021

Mixed-Messages Are Dangerous – How Are You Communicating About Mask Wearing?

Highly visible communication is the key to maintaining patient and staff confidence in your IPC protocols now that mask wearing is no longer mandatory.

As of Monday 19th July, the English Government has relaxed the rules around mask wearing in public, and as a result has perhaps created a situation where the public don’t know when and where to continue wearing a mask.

We would suggest that healthcare sites are one of the places where mandatory mask wearing needs to remain in place for the long-term.

How do you make sure all visitors to your site know what you would like them to do? You could staff each entrance, but that is not a very long-term solution.

Our suggestion is that you make it very clear what is expected of visitors by using well designed signage in very visible locations.

We are working with hospitals to design SaniStation units for use at site entrances, replacing temporary security staff, and not only communicating key IPC messaging but also acting as the visible PPE dispenser.

When making any kind of statement it is better received if the communication is done with confidence and consistency. Plus, making it memorable really helps! We have mocked up a few examples below of the kind of message we believe would create a high impact at your entrances.

What do you think? Please tell us if you have an idea for the IPC messaging and PPE dispensation at your site entrances.

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