Long-term strategies for face masks at hospital entrances

hospital face mask dispenser

We are currently talking with multiple Trusts across the UK about their long-term strategy for dispensing PPE at hospital entrances.

As of w/c 12/7/21, the UK Government advice on mask wearing continues to be a matter for debate. As a result, we are seeing a great many senior Trust teams taking these matters into their own hands and creating their own face mask protocols.

The challenge for Trusts, is how to cost-effectively manage the communication of strong IPC messaging at entrances. More and more we are seeing a move away from the physical staffing of entrances – which is an expensive use of resource – towards a longer-term strategy of confident messaging and consistent, automated provision of masks and gel.

SaniStation is assisting NHS Trusts across the UK to confidently move forward with these visitor IPC protocols.  We are replacing costly security teams at site entrances with highly visible sanitisation units and face mask dispensers that confidently communicate that ‘visitors must wear a face mask to access this site.’

Our Mobile SaniStation unit is perfect for this use:

  • Communicates strong IPC messaging at site entrances.
  • Creates a visible barrier to gaining entrance.
  • Dispenses masks and gel efficiently.
  • Reduces the necessity for regular refilling with high-capacity dispensers.
  • Simple to clean the unit as part of daily cleaning regime.

We are now taking orders daily from Trusts looking to move to a more cost-effective long-term visitor control and information strategy.

Can we talk to your IPC or Procurement team to demonstrate how easy it is to create something similar for you?  Please drop us a line on 0345 835 8105 or email info@sani-station.co.uk